We Don't Do Packages

We tailor our digital marketing services up to the brand we are working with. Our ultimate objective is to deliver digital transformation accompanied by results; therefore, prices may differ, depending on your needs.
— Andrey Shamray | founder, CEO

90-Day Digital Transformation

By far our most popular type of service, this is where we come in and fully transform your brand’s marketing efforts. During the first week we will listen to the issues your brand is experiencing and based on that establish the marketing mix and the exact steps we will undertake to make you grow vivid. From our experience, 90 days is a perfect amount of time see desired results, whether it is with SEO, paid traffic or Social Media Marketing. Note: at Grow Vivid we deliver the most for your money; therefore, we charge 0% off your ad budget. (Prices for the services may vary anywhere from $1995 up to $9995 per month depending on the degree of your transformation, whether you require us to build a new website or simply manage social media, etc.)


2-Day Training by Andrey Shamray (founder, CEO)

With Andrey at your offices, your team’s mindset will be questioned and empowered about digital transformation. By working together, your brand will be prepared to position itself to massive organic audiences, build scalable and profitable funnels and skyrocket sales with effective paid traffic. (A standard 2-day training with Andrey on average costs $4995-$7995 depending on your specific needs + the flights and accommodation)


60-Day Digital Transition

During the 2 months of our services, tailored marketing strategies will be implemented to make sure the return on your investments is maximized. This is the shortest subscription and our team is prepared to offer digital services ranging anywhere from social media marketing, paid traffic and SEO up to web-building. (At Grow Vivid we realize that you will see a higher return on investment with a full 90-day transformation rather than a 60-day transition; therefore in order to encourage your business to undertake the full transformation, we charge an extra 15% for the 2 month services. Prices begin at $2495.)