Below you will find a list of digital marketing services we provide for startups of all sizes. Please take into account that the final package your brand will receive will be a personalized and tailored combination for your unique needs.


Social Media Marketing

Being the bread and butter of Grow Vivid, social media marketing in the majority of cases is by far one of the most effective tools for long term brand awareness, as well as short term sales. Depending on situation, your brand may receive content strategy, as well as branded content creation, social media management, conversation fostering and measurement of results.


Search Engine Optimization has been the staple of the majority of Digital Marketing Agencies. At Grow Vivid we take a modern look at SEO and approach it from customer’s point of view. Your brand will rank higher on Google and therefore organically appear in from of more people.


Content Creation

In order to maximize the number of visitor to your web or social media profile, your brand may be offered a content creation service where content for either/both your web and/or social media profiles will be created. This may be in a form of optimized blogs for your web or optimized posts for your social media.


Email Marketing

Everyone sends thousands of emails every year; however, barely anyone utilizes it to target potential clients with powerful copywriting. Our email marketing team will automate your brand’s email campaigns as well as design them in order to be able to reach and sell to thousands members of your email list with one click.



Whether you would like us to help your business with branding or need re-branding, our team of creative designers is ready to assist you with anything from creative sessions up to logo creation and content creation.